Project Description

On the Nashville episodeCan’t Get Used to Losing You,” Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon (Charles Esten) argue over Deacon’s new business endeavor (a bar) with Deacon’s old friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, Frankie. When Rayna tells Deacon that she won’t be able to go to the opening, she admits that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to go. When Deacon asks her why, Rayna reminds him: “Deacon, you’re an alcoholic. And you’ve been fighting this disease your whole life.” Deacon is quick to defend himself: “My sister died giving me her liver. Do you think I’m ever going to have another drink?”

Deacon’s business partner and old friend Frankie is portrayed by country singer/actor Mark Collie.  Nashville airs on CMT. – 2015